The prospect of tourism in India to

Located in the Southern Asia, India is well-known for its uniquely cultural system with diversified customs. India is recognized one of the most developed civilizations in the human history. Indian is very hospitable which makes the country become one of the most popular destinations in Asia with special and unique architectures (Taj Mahal: heritage of Muslim work from Mughal dynasty – the most famous destination in India), cultural festivals (Pushkar market in Rajasthan, handicraft items festival of Mela in Surajkund, Baisaki in Punjab, Bihu in Assam…), cuisine (beer, gin tonic and whisky), clothes (colorful clothes with different style from region to region).

In 2016, the number of visitors to India was 8.9 million compared with 8.1 million in 2015 (increased by 10%). A statistic forecasts that the number of tourists to India will be twice as many as now in 2020. 2016 was also a successful year of, when we welcomed over 20 thousands visitors to India and we expect a continuously successful year in 2017.

The prospect of tourism in Vietnam to

Thanks to the beautiful nature and thousands years of history and diversified culture, Vietnam has become one of the most favorite destinations in Asia recently. Vietnam is an impressive destination for not only culture and nature lovers but also, veterans and beach lovers. Vietnam is famous for Halong Bay (the World Heritage with thousands limestone islets), Hanoi with French colony style architectures), Sapa (breathtaking mountain ranges with different hill tribes), Phu Quoc and Con Dao (long pristine white sandy beaches) or Mekong Delta (watery region with beautiful floating markets and hospitable locals).

As mentioned above, Vietnam is the top place for foreign visitors and the number of tourists has increased quickly. A good report for is that Vietnam is becoming a main market for tourism replacing India which is the first place of investment. Site tour


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