About us

Traditionalrakhi.com is a diversified company which is specialized in tourism and fashionable and feng shui bracelet (harmonizing people with the surrounding environment and very popular for people in Asia especially in South East Asia and China). Our company has two branches in India and Vietnam. After 15 years, our company has welcomed almost 100 thousands visitors who have traveled to India and Vietnam. Besides, we have helped a lot of local people have escaped from the poor and have made thousands jobs for the locals as well.

For tourism

Known as one of the best travel agency, traditionalrakhi.com was founded by a group of talent people who share a common idea that bring the difference in tourism. All leaders in traditionalrakhi.com have over 15 years in some tourism-related fields such as, tour guides, tour operators, tourism management or tourism marketing so we guarantee that we will bring quickly to our clients the best services and meet perfectly their travel expectations. In particular, we provide many good price packages at different destinations in India and Vietnam as well such as, Mumbai; Delhi, Chennai (in India), Halong Bay, Phu Quoc, Hanoi, Mekong Delta (in Vietnam)….It is quite easy ever when traveling with us.

Traditionalrakhi.com has developed on our own unique character which is totally different with others and becoming the best travel agency in India with newer and more perfect services is our big mission. Besides providing the best tour packages to our clients, we also build up our big responsible company that we take deep care to the local environment and people; for example, we do not print out programs, our guide will show detailed program on smart phones or tablets so clients can check when they want; traditionalrakhi.com cooperate with the locals in the remote areas to build homestay to help them gain more money so they can spend on their living costs and educations.

For bracelet

Bracelet shows your fashion style but also does present strong character. The bracelet is not just a fashionable item but also is an item with meaning of good fortune and happiness. Rocks are formed in the deep underground; after thousands years the rocks are accumulated and formed a special energy inside. Under the excellence and skill of artisans, the rocks are polished and refined to become beautiful and unique feng shui bracelets

The ethnic minorities in the remote areas in Vietnam are quite excellent and skillful at hand-made products such as, bracelet and necklace. However, this work could not bring their enough money to cover the living costs when they only sold at the local markets. As mentioned above, when working at tourism, all leaders of traditionalrakhi.com promised that they need to support the locals especially in the remote area. Therefore, they decided to open a branch which will buy handicraft products from the local ethnic minorities and then promote to all markets not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world.